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My most recent work.

Work done with Krita.

Angel – Aeromorph sketch, rough.
Duo Dance – Very early.
Alex, Aeromorph
Dev, Battle mask.
SCP-682 – SCP
SCP-173 – SCP
SCP-3001 – SCP
Abigail” “Abby” – Character Concept
Cas – Character Concept
Azera – Character concept
Novi – Action pose
Edge of the universe – SCP
Angelsona – Done by my partner.
AU 05-3 – SCP Concept
Alto Clef – SCP
Beetle Shaman – Concept Sketch
Shattered King’s Guard – Concept
The Shattered King – Concept
Novi – Original Concept sketch
Beholder 13 – SCP
Kazuya – Concept
Atorci – Concept
Goddess of the woods – Rough sketch.

Work done with FireAlpaca.